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Dolores Salvatore

Trish, I love your stories. There is only thing wrong with them, they are not long enough. They bring back such good memories, I feel sad when they end because then I have to come back to the present. Keep writing.


Was this in buffet or cafe?


Nice Po :-) 'A "phalanx" of people'

This new HBO show should be up your alley:


Penni Weninger

Patricia, this is wonderful. You brought me right back to the sights, sounds and aromas of the Cornucopia in all its peach and floral glory.More more more...

Vince P

Funny, at that hour accompanied by friends, I always felt pretty washed out and dying to get to bed.
Living in Margate, I recall taking a bike ride on AC's boardwalk on Christmas morning. I stopped to the sight of an older junkie thinned out black woman, bedecked in Santa frock and hat singing "Mommi's kissing Santa Claus with gusto", an empty pail at her feet....
As always. your stories are great. Keep them coming...(Look forward to the book.)

neil pasquale

i used to love the cornocopia , i remember a lot of the people bj.betty,i used to eat there and then take a walk on the boardwalk.when i left to go to harrahs it was not the same.i used to love the tarts made with freas fruit and a puff pasrty.great stuff.

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